10 Mysterious Events Caught On Tape

8 feb. 2017 Mysterious event videos caught on tape. Weird. A paranormal event is defined as something beyond the normal scope of scientific understanding. This video compilation takes a look at some of the most mysterious paranormal events ever to be captured on tape. Whereas most mysterious ghosts, aliens, angels and demons have an affordable rationalization, not all may be simply explained. These strange and unexplained events may shock and even scare you. From aliens, angels, demons, ghosts and creatures to time travelers, there have been some weird paranormal events documented on video.

5 Unknown Creatures Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!


1 jul. 2016 It is obvious that some creatures in this world are very weird looking, creepy and quite mysterious. Believe it or not, there are creatures out there that still needs an explanation as to where it has come from, and within this countdown, we are showing the strangest and realest looking ones caught on tape that many believe to be real. So buckle up, and remember, Im here with you, no need to be scared, Ajem.. With this being said, here are 5 Unknown Creatures Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life! Lets…Begin!

★1. Encounter in the Graveyard

The video your about to see was recorded in one of the years before 2007 which gained quite a massive popularity during its time on YouTube, lets say it was the fist ever viral video of the unknown. The video shows a man wondering around a graveyard late at night filiming his way to see if he were to see something paranormal roaming around, and in fact he did. Like I said, Im here with you.. so no need to be scared. Ready? Well…. here…. is the footage.

★2. The Crying Ghost

This might possibly might be one of the few times you wont feel bad about seeing someone cry. And I say possibly because that someone could be a paranormal looking creature in one of the corners of your house, just like in the footage about to be shown. People think that the humanoid looking creature shown in this video is a ghost but what do you think? Here it is…. 

★3. Small Unknown Creature

In the video your about to see, 2 young kids appear to be playing with a video camera and kicking a soccer ball when all of a sudden, something very small and weird looking runs across one of the rooms in the house where the kids were playing at. People believe that the mysterious looking creautre shown in this video is the so called famous Goblin, also known as the small annoying creeper. But not everyone is 100% sure as to what it is exactly. So you be the judge on this one, here…is the footage.

★4. The Hampton Court Sighting

The video your about to see was recorded in the Hampton Court Palace which is one of the British royal palaces located in Richmond upon Thames, London. Inside the CCTV security camera, a ghostly cloaked figure can be seen opening and closing one of the doors of the Palace Graveyard again and again.. Further analysis of the footage shows the ghostly looking figure with a skeletal face which was given the nickname “Skeletor”. And if you didnt know, the Hampton Court Palace happens to be one of the most haunted places in the UK… Anyways, enough with the talk right? Here…is the footage.

★5. The Unidentified Creature 

In the footage about to be shown, a guy is seen walking in the Weld Valley located in Australia in a peaceful afternoon. After recording all day to capture his first visit into the Weld Valley, the anonymous person recording gets home and is completely shocked after he sees what he has accidently caught on camera. By the looks of it, the strange looking creature about to be shown looks like an alien but it is still unidentified as of today. So YOU be the judge…Here….is the video. 

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