Creature Caught on Tape in Holland – SCARY FOOTAGE!! (HD)

5 apr. 2014 This is truly an amazing CREEPY video, two guys that visited a Natural monumental park in Holland (The Posbank) got more than they bargained for, together with two tourists on sight they witnessed a weird event, a creature of some kind was observing them from within the forest. Thanks to Lucas and Jeroen we are able to see this video for the first time EVER!! The original file was 8 minutes long, i cut out a lot of boring chit chat! This video is in the DUTCH language, so i added subtitles, the footage was taken with aLG Smartphone.EXCLUSIVE footage seen for the first time on TheMusicmemorylane’s Channel Only! My video gained a lot of exposure in the United States, famous Dutch UFO and Conspiracy website NIBURU.NL followed up on this news and posted a entire article about this mysterious creature.