Military Helicopters Escort UFO

13 feb. 2013 Military Helicopters escort a UFO. This videos features a black UFO flying alongside two military helicopters. What do you think? READ full description! This Video Aired on the AMC channel in a UFO documentary. It was apart of a documentary & helped recount UFO sightings. It was created for TV UFO documentaries. Obviously, portions are not real. There is no hoax, because nobody is hiding the fact that it was created & produced for ENTRAINMENT purposes & used as a CGI graphic animation to help make points during TV documentaries. It was one of my first animation attempts for “JUST A HOBBY” and fun. There is major mistakes in it. Again, it was made for fun and it still aired on national TV for graphic videos recreations and millions watched it. It’s a free country and I have a license to create art and do what I like. Make no mistake about it. Being bullied and harassed online while being accused of being a fraud, profiteer, and hoaxer for creating art is slanderous. Being portrayed as some sort of criminal for making a video for entertainment purposes is just ridiculous. These accusers have issued that go way beyond youtube and TV videos. The UFO in this video is obviously not real! Do I have to make a video about it to be any more clearer? Can you tell if the helicopters real?.