UFO – NASA Forgets To Cut Live Feed

30 sep. 2016 This UFO was observed on April 20, 2016 through NASA ISS Live Feed. Credit: lionsgroundnews

[Analysis of Speed]
Assumptions based on observation:

1) The object is moving along the horizon (look at the trajectory as it exits the screen, it follows a curved path),just for the sake of calculation as it is impossible to know how close the object is to the camera.

2) The speed of ISS is not taken into consideration as it is moving at right angle to the object.

3) The sun is almost setting on ISS. So we can safely consider that the sun and ISS are at the same level on opposite sides of the horizon.
By overlapping the globe map (to scale) on the video I was able to plot two coordinates at two specified points on the horizon (from 01:21 to 01:38). Using these coordinates I calculated the distance using the Haversine formula.
Here are the figures:
Total distance travelled= approx. 470miles

Time taken to travel from 01:21 to 01:38= approx. 17sec
SPEED= 99,504 miles/h = 129mach
I’m not a physicist or a mathematician! These are just my own calculations. I may be wrong. Also, the UFO might be travelling much closer or further!

Have a good day. 
Note: There may be another way of calculating the distance from ISS to the tangent point on the horizon. Remember the sun is almost setting. ISS has to be at same level as the horizon. Now, by calculating the angle traversed by the object from point A to B a conclusion can be reached.